Board Members

Florence Reed, President  Also the President and Founder of Sustainable Harvest International, Flo has been involved with international development work since joining the Peace Corps  after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1990.  She and her husband moved into the home they built in Surry the day before their son was due to be born in 2006.  Prior to that they lived for several years in the house that came with the property, where Flo’s mother now lives.

Norman Mrozicki, Vice-president  A long-time resident of Surry, Norm has been an active member of many town committees, as well as the Zendo, Surry Arts at the Barn and many other local activities.  His wife, who is also an active member of The Gatherings, taught at the Surry Elementary School for many years.

Marcia Tompkins, Secretary  Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Marcia  began her work history making documentaries on the civil rights movement for non-profit radio station WBAI-FM in New York City.  That was followedby some years as an environmental research assistant for the Natural
Resources Defense Council.  She then worked in banking and, upon
retirement, was a banking systems internal auditor.  She has been a
Surry resident since 1998 and divides her time between there and New
York City.

Margret Baldwin, Artistic Director  The power of art to facilitate communication and connectedness became apparent to Margret at an early age when  her family moved to England  from Germany and she later attended a French convent school.  Art became her way of communicating with peers, and has been a constant throughout her life, professionally and personally.  Since 1981, Margret has enjoyed tremendously her many years of teaching  students in Surry and Blue Hill, many of whom have gone on to become artists professionally or for their own pleasure.  The collaboration with teachers on thematic projects; organizing Arts Weeks that would draw many professional artists , dancers, musicians and actors have been icing on the cake of her professional daily life.

Quint Bixby, Treasurer  A long-time resident of Surry, Quint spends time on a variety of interests including crafts, healthy living and grandchildren.  She works in home health-care.

Sharon (McGraw) Minogue, Community Liaison   Married 46 years, with four adult daughters, Sharon is a Surgical Tech at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.  She has  B.S. Degree from University of Maine, Orono and a Masters Degree in Biology (Histochemistry) from Mt. Holyoke College.  After living in many countries with her family, she is happy to once again call Surry, the town where she grew up, home.