Weekly & Monthly Events


Artists studio

Welcome Artists and Craftsmen! Whether you are an accomplished artist or a beginning craftsman, you are invited to work on your latest  project at our Arts and Crafts Studio on Wednesday mornings from  9:30 to 12:00.  Bring your own materials, and those of us present will add friendly conversation and support! We Each of us has  been contributing $2.00 each time we are able to participate which goes to help The Gatherings cover costs. We hope to see you there!


Conversational Spanish

This is a group meeting for people wanting to practice their Spanish conversation – all levels are invited!  The format will be determined by what the group is interested in.  Meetings are Wednesday evenings.  Hosted by Sharon Minogue.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

This is a family-friendly club for all those looking to play Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop role playing games to come together and enjoy an adventure together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to play. The club will have it’s first meeting on December 15th, and then get together the first and third Fridays of each month at 4:30pm. Tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons take their players on adventures that require them to put their creative minds together to overcome difficult obstacles, both internal and external. The result is an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling experience that simply cannot be replicated through other activities. The existence of this club will bring together many adventuring parties into one unified group to share adventures and materials. It will also introduce the genre to many new players who otherwise might not have found enough people or materials to be able to play.

CommUnity Circle

Sundays at 10:30am.  Click above link for more info.

Authentic movement

One Sunday afternoon per month.  Check calendar for exact dates.

“Movement, to be experienced, has to be “found” in the body, not put on like a dress or a coat. There is that in us which has moved from the very beginning. It is that which can liberate us.”
– Mary Whitehouse, Founder of Authentic Movement

In this practice we move our bodies in the presence of an empathic witness. Authentic Movement is the practice of listening deeply to the voice within… that voice of sensation, of impulse, of emotion, of imagination… and allowing it to emerge from our fingers, our toes, our tongues and torsos, opening into the space around us and into the conscious awareness of the witness holding space for to simply be as we are.

There are no steps or choreography to learn. Movers allow themselves to be led by their own internal experiences; witnesses listen to their own experiences, while observing the movements.

Drop-Ins are welcome! Please dress comfortably and bring a water bottle, journal and pen (if you choose).

Sliding scale- $10-15/ class.

Red Tent

One Sunday afternoon per month.  Check calendar for exact dates.

Finally a space for us! Women of all ages and cycles. A space for us to connect, to play, to rest, to tell our stories and sing our songs… a space to simply be. The Red Tent Temple Movement is a global network of women holding space for women, of sisters in every stage of life connecting to and honoring each other’s journey through womanhood. In The Red Tent, every woman is valuable and every woman has a voice. We are creating a sisterhood. We are remembering a deep way of being in relationship to each other.

Board game night

Come to The Gatherings to enjoy board games with friends and neighbors on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 6:30pm.  Bring your favorite game or play one of the games there.  Same goes for snacks and drinks.  Hosted by Alice Slater and Flo Reed.