Weekly & Monthly Events

For more information on these events and others at The Gatherings, check our calendar.

Artist & Craft Studio

Mondays 9.30am – noon. Welcome Artists and Craftsmen! Whether you are an accomplished artist or a beginning craftsman, you are invited to work on your latest project at our Arts and Crafts Studio.  Bring your own materials, and those of us present will add friendly conversation and support! Each of us has been contributing $2.00 each time we are able to participate which goes to help The Gatherings cover costs. We hope to see you there!

Conversational Spanish

Wednesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm. This is a group meeting for people wanting to practice their Spanish conversation – all levels are invited! The format will be determined by what the group is interested in. Hosted by Sharon Minogue.

Life Drawing

Thursdays 10.00am – noon. Our life drawing participants sketch each week from live models using a variety of drawing media; from charcoal and pastels to colored pencils. This group is open to the community, no experience is necessary and all skill levels are encouraged to exercise observational skills of the human figure. This is an 18+ course at the moment and has a limit of 16 participants. For more information contact Jack Tedeschi: 207-385-1661

Dungeons & Dragons Club

2nd & 4th Fridays 4.30pm. This is a family-friendly club for all those looking to play Dungeons and Dragons or other tabletop role playing games to come together and enjoy an adventure together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to play. Tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons take their players on adventures that require them to put their creative minds together to overcome difficult obstacles, both internal and external. The result is an incredibly satisfying and fulfilling experience that simply cannot be replicated through other activities. The existence of this club will bring together many adventuring parties into one unified group to share adventures and materials. It will also introduce the genre to many new players who otherwise might not have found enough people or materials to be able to play.

Board Game Night

Sundays 6.30pm. Come to The Gatherings to enjoy board games with friends and neighbors. Bring your favorite game or play one of the games here. We play anything! Board games, card games, tile games, dice games, trivia games, strategy games… both new and old. Hosted by Alice Slater and Flo Reed.

Youth Open Mic and Potluck

Last Sunday of month 6.00pm. Live music and potluck in conjunction with Truth Virus Records. Young musicians and singers are welcome to bring their instruments and voices, to perform alone or in groups.