Huge fundraiser for 5 non profits!
The 5 BIG Surry Yard Sales are coming soon, July 16th from 8am-12.
We are seeking:
⭐️VENDORS (only $15/table)
⭐️BAKED GOODS (donations of muffins, cookies, pies and cakes)
⭐️ITEM DONATIONS (nice, clean, useable items)
️⭐️HELPERS (able bodied individuals to help set up and load/unload vehicles for cleanup)
Last year thousands of people came through Surry to browse through oodles of yard sale items, stock up on yummy pies and drinks, buy raffle tickets, and raise lots of money for Surry’s non-profits!
➡️To book a table to sell your own items, contact community@surrygatherings.org or 2073857694
➡️Please bring baked goods to the community center (1208 Surry Rd) on Friday 15th between 3-6pm, for questions contact buildinguse@surrygatherings.org or 703 967 6987
➡️Item donations can be dropped off directly in our garage at any time – please donate only nice clean items and no old technology (such as tube TVs!)
➡️If you can help with set-up (Fri 3pm) or clean-up (Sat 12pm), we would be so grateful! Contact community@surrygatherings.org or 207 385 7694
Thanks for your support – we look forward to seeing you July 16th!

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July 2022. The Gatherings community center is open to the public for those who wish to use it at their own risk. Visit the Events & Activities page to see what’s happening this month, such as our Huge Yard Sale, Magic Food Bus and Ukulele Jam!

It’s easy to donate online, as a one-off or as a recurring gift, click here.
Or mail your check to The Gatherings, P.O. Box 62 Surry, ME 04684.
Your generous support helps keep the community center open – thank you.

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Our public EV Charging Station

NEW FACILITIES! We now have an EV Charging Station for 2x electric vehicles. There is a $2/hr fee to cover electricity costs. Next to the garage is also an electric bicycle rack & charger. The station is open to the public and can be used at any time. For more info visit plugshare.com/location/316196

SPACE TO WORK AND PLAY. In addition to public & private groups using the community center, students and remote workers can take advantage of the Wi-Fi and space away from home distractions. Gatherings of family and friends can make the most of the large open rooms for getting together at a safe distance. If you would like to rent this space, see our Building Use page.

Note: Some photos on this site were taken before the pandemic.


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Do you have a special talent or hobby you want to share? Volunteer to teach a class, hold an event, host an ongoing public group, take part in fundraising, write grants or just help us maintain the building and property. We’d love you to get involved!

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