Building Use

The Gatherings is pleased to offer the people of Surry and surrounding areas the opportunity to use our wonderful community center.  We offer a flexible and affordable space to gather for both private events and public groups.  Take a look at the available facilities we have to offer.

We encourage everyone to follow recommended CDC guidelines for social distancing, mask use and disinfecting practices to prevent spread of coronavirus. We expect everyone to take responsibility for their own well being and that of those around them. We hope everyone stays well and finds ways to stay connected with each other in a safe manner.


If you’d like to reserve space at The Gatherings, please read through the following information carefully. It describes what we expect of you, and what you can expect from us.

Check for availability by first reviewing our calendar and then by contacting our Building Use Coordinator at or 207-412-0264. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. An in-person or telephone meeting is encouraged before any rental agreements are made.

PERMITTED USES: Use of The Gatherings is granted on an equal basis to all regardless of doctrine. In general, events that don’t interfere with normal Gatherings operations are permitted. The Gatherings’ sponsorship of, or permission to hold, any event does not mean that The Gatherings supports, endorses, or advocates any view expressed therein.

SPONSORSHIP: Anyone may request that The Gatherings sponsor or co-sponsor an event. The decision to sponsor may take 2-14 days, depending on the nature of the event.

Sponsored events: These will be publicized in our e-newsletter, social media, street sign and calendar depending upon availability of staff/volunteers, space on the sign etc. The Gatherings’ logo and website can be used in publicity materials.
Unsponsored events: Any individual or organization that uses The Gatherings for a public or private event that is not sponsored by The Gatherings may not use publicity materials that indicate or imply that a program is sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by The Gatherings, and all publicity materials must specify who is sponsoring the event. Any press release, announcement or poster should clearly state “This event is sponsored by (name of individual/organization)” and include contact information for the party responsible for the program. In no case will The Gatherings’ logo, website, phone number or email be used in any publicity materials for events not sponsored by The Gatherings.

OCCUPANCY: The fire code maximum capacity for the main floor is 100 people standing, or 60 people with tables and chairs.

FOOD & ALCOHOL: The Gatherings’ kitchen is well equipped for cooking, serving and dining. Food may be consumed as long as the building is left in a clean state after use. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold on the premises without a license, but may be enjoyed in moderation on a BYOB basis. The Gatherings reserves the right to revoke these privileges from any group.

TOBACCO & DRUGS: No smoking, vaping or illegal drugs are allowed on the property.

CLEAN UP: Please leave the building as, or better than, it was found. Wipe down surfaces, sweep/vacuum, wash dishes (dishwasher available) and take away all trash.

LIABILITY: Private parties using The Gatherings are responsible for any damage, theft or vandalism that may occur to The Gatherings during their event(s). Please report any issues immediately to the Building Use Coordinator.

EQUIPMENT & SETUP: Equipment needs can be confirmed when making reservations. The individual/organization is responsible for setting up tables and chairs as desired. Available equipment is listed on our facilities webpage.

ELECTRICAL: No modifications of any kind may be made to the electrical system. UL-approved extension cords may be used. Heat pumps are used for heating and air conditioning and should not be changed.

PARKING: There is paved parking for 9 cars, overflow is available along the gravel road across the street.

SAFETY: All exits, corridors, exit accesses, stairs and stair enclosures MUST be free from obstruction.

SECURITY: At close, check that all windows are closed and locked. Turn off all lights except the kitchen light above the stove, close and lock all doors (front, back and upstairs). A handy checklist for closing the building is available near the entrance door.

RENTAL FEES: 100% of fees collected and donations collected supports The Gatherings. Fees may vary slightly, depending on the exact nature of your event. Fee negotiations may be made with the Building Use Coordinator.
Private events/parties
• $85 per half day rental (less than 4 hours)
• $150 per full day rental (more than 4 hours)
Private rental fees cover use of the entire building & grounds
Community events (private or public; free or fee based; one time or recurring)
• $2.00 per attendee, or
• $10.00 per meeting, or
• 15% of the total admissions charged, whichever is greater
Community event fees cover use of one room within the building for up to 3 hours. The building may be shared with other groups/events

Private events: A completed Building Use Form (see below) and payment in full must be received before a date is confirmed as reserved. Checks, payable to The Gatherings, can be mailed to P.O. Box 62, Surry ME 04684. Or payment can be made online here. Cancellations received by The Gatherings at least four days prior to the event will receive a full refund, less $25 administrative fee. Cancellations made less than 96 hours before the scheduled start time of the event will not be refunded.
Community events: After a meeting, deposit your payment in the wooden “Donations” box by the front door using the fee envelopes provided. A QR code for online payments is also displayed on the box, make a note on the envelope indicating any fees paid online. Arrangements may be made if you prefer to pay monthly.


Ensure you have read the Building Use Policy above before submitting this form.